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Short Biography

Incase We Crash is a Pop Punk band hailing from Toronto, ON, Canada. Their most recent EP Release “No Education” reflects their passionate ambition and rebellious decision to ditch school and the subsequent 9 to 5 desk-job to pursue their dreams, nay, the purpose of their extended post-adolescent lives.

Full Biography

Incase We Crash is a Pop Punk band from Toronto, ON, Canada, who formed in 2015. The power-trio consists of vocalist and guitarist Simon Austin, bassist Antony Lena and drummer Tyler Twigger. They released their debut EP titled “Constantly Changing” in mid-2017 to gain ground within their local scene, and then went on to release their subsequent and eagerly awaited 2nd EP titled “No Education” on Nov 9th, 2018 which PureGrainAudio.com calls “An impressive sophomore release that’s definitely worth a listen”.

To date, even as a young group they have enjoyed some great success; opening to nearly sold out crowds for bands like Waterparks and Creeper, playing dozens of shows in cities across the scope of Ontario + Quebec, packing small Toronto venues in their own right as hometown headliners, and developing a youthful and dedicated cult-like following through social media.

With sights set on quenching their insatiable thirst for the road-life, they’re currently laying the framework for touring Canada and U.S. in later 2019. New Music will be expected by the band by as early as Summer of this year.



Simon Austin: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Antony Lena: Bass

Tyler Twigger: Drums and Backing Vocals

(Touring) Jackson Seaward: Lead Guitar




Incase We Crash No Education EP Art_small
No Education – EP (2018)

Constantly Changing – EP (2017)

Singles/ Music Videos

“Straight 2 the Head” (2019)


Opened for ‘Waterparks’ & ‘Creeper’

Have played 40+ shows across ‘Ontario’ + ‘Quebec’

Over 65,000 Streams on ‘Spotify’

Over 5000 total followers across various ‘Social Media’ platforms